Thursday, May 5, 2016

Multiculturalism In America (Part 2)

By: D. DiFrancesco

I read a blog post recently that stated that the ideas of multiculturalism and diversity were insanities propagated by “leftist” elites to the detriment of America, I’m paraphrasing of course though my statement accurately represents what was written. I came away from the post a bit taken back for I thought that it was completely off the mark..

I propose that the statement that multiculturalism and diversity are "insanities" is elitist in and of itself.  
What we are doing as a nation is denigrating and minimizing others that look, think and worship differently than we do. We have done this before in our history and as with most things in history we are destined to repeat them. By putting all Muslims collectively, whether good or bad in one basket, we are doing those of the Muslim faith a tremendous disservice as well as ourselves. Unfortunately we seem to be so damned righteous in our own self-importance that as a nation we don't care how we treat or are viewed by others.

I have to wonder how this is helpful in nurturing peace, understanding and cooperation with others around the world?  Not surprisingly we don't live in a bubble as much as some wish that we did. Essentially what we are saying to them is that your way of life is meaningless to us and we as a people are better than you.  

Our presidential candidates, especially on the right, have been trying to convince the American people that it is Christian America against all of Islam, this sounds an awful lot like The Crusades to me without anyone coming out and saying it.  Christianity made Islam its mortal enemy in the dark ages and now much like the Europeans of that time, we are looking to destroy them by taking their countries, their natural resources and their pride and for what...profit just as it has always been.  There is almost nothing we do anymore where there is not some kind of profit motive.

I don't have my head in the sand and I'm not ignorant to the fact that there are some who follow a
twisted interpretation of the Muslim faith that want to kill us, but I think the greater danger is that we are being played by both our politicians and our enemies.  I ask: what is the definition of is "extreme fear" and what is the goal of the terrorist, but to use terror in the pursuit of political aims.  Both our politicians and the terrorists are giving those in power license to take away our freedoms; i.e. the Patriot Act and as a result we have willingly given away our right to privacy all for the promise of safety and security.

Guess what, in life no one can guarantee that, not you, not me and certainly not the U.S. government. And the terrorists, what did they win?  By getting us to change our way of life, they are slowly toppling this once "greatest" nation.  The more freedoms we give away by allowing ourselves to be terrorized, the less we become in the eyes of the world.  Diminishing our influence and minimizing us is likely the ultimate goal of ISIS and others of their ilk, giving them free reign to continue their quest for power.

Multiculturalism and diversity are not to blame for our problems nor do I believe that they are elitist principles, what I do believe however, is that we are to blame for our problems.  Lately we seem to be placing blame on everyone but ourselves.  If it isn't Islam, it is the Mexican people.  I wonder who will be next on our "hit list".  Who won't be blamed is easier to define and my bet, if I were a betting man, is that it won't be us.

This leaves me with only one conclusion, that the losers in this fight between the U.S. and Islam and the premises of multiculturalism and diversity is you and me...the American people.