Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dinner With Conservatives....Well Sort Of

By: D. DiFrancesco
In an odd twist, I am traveling for work in southeastern Arizona and while sitting down to dinner I had the pleasure, or should I say pain, of listening to the conversation of other diner. Unfortunately this almost always tends to make my blood boil.  What amazes me is that these individuals were throwbacks to the Reagan era even though two of the four individuals were not even alive at the time of Reagan’s administration.
They wholeheartedly bought into the idea that the majority of the country that needed government assistance was mooching off of the government.  As many know, but choose to ignore is code for black folks feeding off of the government roles. When confronted with their views they inevitably prove that they are script almost exclusively by Fox News.
They love to say that so-and-so is on public assistance and is making shy of $100 of what I am making working 45 hours per week.  In my opinion, if you are only making $100 more than someone on public assistance then you need to find a new job.  This my friends is your fault.  What makes anyone think that those on public assistance are making a fortune, my friends, it just is not true.  This is not the way to become rich and if you think that it is you are just fooling yourselves.
These same individuals who also love to claim that “Obamacare”, the Affordable Care Act is costing them a fortune.  If it is then their previous plan, or the plan that they never had was crap.  I for one am paying more for my family health insurance than what these individuals claimed to pay and I am still quite happy with it especially because of the added benefits that the ACA affords us. Honestly if I had my way I would love to have a single payer healthcare system in this country, but that is a virtual impossibility with the state of our nation’s Republican Party.
America loves to believe in the “impossible dream” that everyone can be as successful as they choose to be.  This is a fairytale, the average citizen will never be anything more than a laborer, regardless of their skill level.  This however, should not diminish their worth to society, nor should it prohibit them from make MORE than a living wage.  In this country we have allowed the wealth to dictate our worth to society.  They have repeated done everything in their power to minimize our value, yet we refuse to see that we are just pawns in their game.  We vote for the candidates of their choosing, believing that they care about our state in life…what fools we are.
Show me a Republican that cares about us.  Show me a Republican whose platform doesn’t revolve around tax cuts.  You think that these tax cuts are for your benefit, but look closely, look at what they offer and you will find that the only ones they benefit are corporations and the very wealthy.  This deeply saddens me.
Take a moment and look at what they are offering you and you will find that ultimately they offer you nothing.

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