Thursday, April 5, 2012

Romney Out of Touch and Spouting Lies in Preparation for the General Election

April, 5, 2012
By: D. DiFrancesco
Mitt Romney
I am now firmly convinced of what I had only suspected for months now, the Republican presidential candidates have run out of things to complain about.
Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee for President is beginning to firm up his talking points  for the general election in November. Items such as the economy, gas prices, the middle class, and the size of government are key on his list.
Lets take a look at these one by one and see how things stand.
The Economy
Mitt Romney stated the following on Tuesday, "There is no question that under this president, this recovery has been the most tepid, the most weak, the most painful since the beginning of our recorded economic history, and I'm including the Great Depression."