Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mitt Romney is Unelectable and I think the Republicans Know It

Rick Santorum - (Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)
Its fun to hypothesize about where the Republican party goes from here with the sudden departure of Rick Santorum from the race.
Clearly, short of some stunning revelation completely disparaging Mitt Romney, he is certain to be the Republican presidential nominee running against Barack Obama.
That being said, there is a theory floating around more liberal circles, that Rick Santorum left the race to position himself to run in 2016 should Mitt Romney lose the 2012 Presidential election.  In reality this isn’t very far fetched.
Mitt Romney is one of the weaker candidates that either party has put forward in many years.  A case could be made that his frontrunner status was achieved by simply out-fundraising and outspending his competitors.