Monday, March 5, 2012

Limbaugh's Comments About Sandra Fluke...Beyond His Radio Show

I have to admit that I am appalled by ongoing narrow-minded, ignorant comments regarding Sandra Fluke.  I find the endless tweets, facebook posts, and media commentary seemingly backing up or at the least, standing up for Rush Limbaugh, to be absolutely beyond comprehension.

The distasteful commentary is exclusively coming from men which I find absurd.  These individuals, almost to the commentator, clearly made no effort to read Ms. Fluke's congressional transcript.  Their statements are almost entirely the regurgitation of Limbaugh's words with some of their own personal twists.  Not only are these people dishonest as the transcript is readily available to read online.  I even posted it with my opinion piece done this past Friday.  I have posted the video version of her testimony below for those that are interested.

Sandra Fluke opening testimony before Congress

Sandra Fluke's testimony did not involve the discussion of her's or anyone else's sex life, not even a bit.  Nor did it discuss having the American taxpayer pay for birth control in any way shape or form.  Her comments revolved around women's medical issues that could be prevented or cured through the use of a birth control regimen.  Having insurance companies provide the coverage for birth control is preferable and likely desirable for them.  The government is not paying for this coverage.  Aside from the obvious pregnancy prevention benefits, birth control medications are exceptionally good for controlling terrible acne conditions in girls, helping to regulate debilitating periods, and assist in the prevention of ovarian cysts to name just a few of its uses.  These are things that men have no business in debating or commenting on.

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Conservative talk show host
Rush Limbaugh
When women attempt to take a stand on the use of birth control, it gets them unjustly labeled a prostitute or a slut as we have just witnessed.  Why, I have to ask, is this deemed appropriate in any society, but especially ours?

Rush has since apologized for his disrespectful and disgusting comments however Ms. Fluke said Limbaugh’s apology did nothing to change the corrosive tone of the debate over health care coverage and   that Americans have to decide whether they want to support companies that continue to advertise on his program. AOL and Tax Resolution Services Co. on Monday became the eighth and ninth advertisers to leave Limbaugh’s three-hour show and at least one radio station dropped the program as he sought to stem the exodus of advertisers and fellow conservatives declined to offer him support.

Maybe this issue will bring about a much needed change in the right-wing's attitude toward those that don't buy in to the conservative hate rhetoric that we are hearing today.

My hope is that we can get back to creating jobs, improving our economy, getting our national debt under control and strengthening our foreign policy instead of dismantling women's health care.

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