Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maddow Focus of Personal Attacks by Conservatives at CPAC 2012

Conservative columnist Cal Thomas has crossed the line with his personal attack MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

Genevieve Wood
Genevieve Wood,
Heritage Foundation
During a CPAC panel discussion regarding the Obama Administrations new and admittedly controversial contraception rule, the Heritage Foundation's Genevieve Wood played a clip of Rachel Maddow saying that "the Republican Party was waging war on contraception".

Following the playing of the clip Wood says to Cal Thomas, “Cal, let’s talk about this religious–this is serious, we laugh about it, but this is serious in terms of, if they get away with this, what would happen in a second term?  If that outrage doesn't turn to action in November, what are we looking at here?”

Cal Thomas, Conservative Columnist
This prompted this response from Thomas, “I’m really glad, Genevieve, that you played the Rachel Maddow clip. I think that she is the best argument in favor of her parent’s using contraception,.  I would be all for that! And all of the rest of the crowd at MSNBC, too, for that matter.”

What is wrong with these people?  Anyone who criticizes or in any way disagrees with their politics is met with personal attacks such as were levied against Maddow.  Cal Thomas should be denounced by every one of the Republican candidates, especially those such as Rick Santorum who are making an appearance at this event.  To Ron Pauls credit, he wants nothing to do with CPAC.

This type of event should be viewed for what it is...a mean spirited, democrat bashing, gathering of narrow-minded individuals that will continue to promote their campaign of fear all the while dragging this country down a path economic and social decay.

If comments such as these don't invoke anger or at the least questioning of what the Republican Party stands for then I don't know what will.

Every American should be outraged by this performance at CPAC.