Thursday, April 7, 2011

Comments on the U.S. Budget Crisis and it's Impact on our Armed Forces

(NVT) It is Thursday night here in the United States and still there is no resolution to our federal budget crisis.

Republicans, at the urging of the Tea Party Movement are looking for budget cuts of approximately $61 billion, while the democrats have accepted cuts of more than $33 billion from last years levels.  This is in an effort to keep the U.S. federal government from shutting down all but the most essential services.

Although I consider myself neither a republican or democrat, but an independent, I would like to know when the "Tea Party Movement" got to dictate public policy for the rest of us.

What we are left with now is a $28 billion difference in ideology.  When will it end!

The most troubling thing to me about this whole crisis is that the members of our armed forces will continue to do their duty and give their lives in places like Afghanistan and Iraq without pay because of our elected representatives stubbornness.

Our President, like him or not, should be aggressively entrenched in this battle, instead of giving neutral sound bites to the media.  In my opinion, President Obama should be holding both Sen. Harry Reid's (D) and Rep. John Boehner's (R) "feet to the fire" publicly to "encourage" them to come up with a workable compromise and get this issue resolved before Friday's midnight deadline.  This is the least that we owe to our brave service men and women.

At this point, all we can do is hope that some agreement can be reached before the current budget bill runs out.

God Bless America!

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