Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Personal Views of the U.S. and the Current Conflicts in the Middle-east

What have we become?

The United States, has been wavering for quite some time as to what it’s responsibilities are to the rest of the world.  In years gone-by we were the beacon of freedom to both friends and foes whether they liked it or not.  Now we are appear weak and uncommitted.

The middle east is in turmoil.  After Egypt, Bahrain and now Libya are in the midst of a revolution, and we the United States of America can’t seem to figure out what to do.  While we flip-flop on the merits of a no-fly-zone, Libyan civilians and those opposed to the dictatorship of Muammar el-Qaddafi.

We are supposed to stand up for the downtrodden, and for those seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but to my dismay, we are not forcefully promoting what are supposed to be our sacred national values, the values instilled in us by our forefathers.  Unfortunately, I would imagine that Jefferson would have been highly disappointed in our inaction.

It is difficult to remember a strong Commander-in-Chief.  In recent times, neither George W. Bush, nor Barak Obama can be considered strong willed or skilled tacticians on the field of battle.  In their defence we are fighting enemies far different than those that we have encountered in the past.  We are not fighting a uniformed army as was done in World War II or the Korean War.  Our enemy blends in with his surroundings.  You can’t tell the enemy from the civilian which makes them very difficult to fight.  What we have not done, is to have a definition of what would be a win is defined as in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our young men continue to be sent to both of these countries with no clear definition of what it is to win.  Our government has given timetables for withdrawal, but to what end.  I would imagine that these countries will fall back into chaos as soon as we pull out.

Sometimes doing the right thing is not always the most popular in the public and worlds eyes, but this does not make it any less correct or honorable.  

The United States of America, the country that I truly love, must turn back to its values of years past.  We are going down a road that is weakening our country instead of making it greater.  I fear for our future based on the direction we are traveling.

We are abandoning the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded on for the ultra liberal ideals of unrestrained liberty.  This is weakening our country and preventing us from doing the “right thing” in a forceful manner as we had done in our glorious past..

I hope that it is not too late for us to redirect our course and get ourselves back on track to being the respected world superpower that we once were.

May God Bless America.

What are your views.