Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Huge blast heard in Yemen's southern port city Aden: witness - Peoples Daily

(Peoples Daily) A huge explosion was heard near a military checkpoint in Yemen's southern main port city of Aden on Wednesday followed by heavy shootings from the troops, local witnesses told Xinhua.

Local residents said the sound of blast was very huge as some other witnesses said it was "a bomb hurled to a military checkpoint stationed at al-Baja intersection in Khour Maksar district in Aden."

They said troops backed by tanks and armored vehicles opened heavy fire to the air following the blast. No casualty was reported.

Protesters have camped peacefully in nearly all provinces, including the capital Sanaa, since mid-February, demanding the immediate oust of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in power for 33 years, who kept trying to appease the opposition by offering a string of concessions.

A fresh concession was offered by Saleh earlier Wednesday, just hours after lawmakers enacted a 30-day state of emergency law, in which Saleh agreed to a conciliation initiative presented by the opposition last month.

The opposition responded that Saleh's approval Wednesday came too late, saying Saleh must immediately leave power without any negotiation.

The opposition vowed through its media that Friday would be the "Friday of the march forward to the presidential palace in the capital Sanaa" with hundreds of thousands protesters to oust Saleh.

Source: Xinhua

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