Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hamas Says It Wants Calm; 15 More Mortars Hit Israel

Hamas stated Wednesday evening that it wants to “restore calm” and indicated it is backing off from escalation in attacks as Israel makes it clear it will not tolerate terror.

Gaza-based terrorists fired 15 mortars at western Negev farming areas during the day, causing property damage but no injuries. The IDF has not yet retaliated for the latest barrage.

The de facto Hamas government in Gaza stated, "We stress that our constant position in the government is to protect stability and to work in order to restore the conditions on ground that used to be dominant in previous weeks.”
The statement was milder than Hamas position two days ago, when it demanded that Israel declare a ceasefire in return for restoration of quiet. However, Islamic Jihad terrorists threatened to continue the escalation of attacks, which have struck Be’er Sheva and south of Ashdod, increasing the chance of another all-out retaliation similar to the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign two years ago.

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