Thursday, October 7, 2010

U.N. Worker Kidnapped In Darfur

A United Nations worker was kidnapped to day in Sudan's Darfur region hours after a Security Council delegation arrived in the area.

The employee who was working with peace-keepers, was snatched from his residence in the city of Fasher.  Security Council representatives had just arrived in Fasher to express concerns over the rise in violence in Darfur .
Omar al-Bashir

Earlier, Sudanese armed forces, long accused of atrocities in Darfur, launched renewed attacks on rebels.  The government forces said they had taken a key stretch of road from the rebel Sudan Liberation Army, about 100 miles (160km) away from Fasher.
The BBC reports that, later on Thursday, the joint UN-African Union peacekeeping force, Unamid, told journalists that that one of their workers had been snatched.
Opinion: The disaster in Sudan continues.  Lawlessness seems to prevail and yet there doesn't seem to be any signs of real improvement.  I doubt that any substantive change will occur until President Omar al-Bashir is brought to justice on his international arrest warrant.

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