Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Democratic Republic of Congo Rebel Leader Arrested Over Mass Rapes

UN peacekeepers and the army in DR Congo have arrested a rebel leader suspected of leading attacks involving the mass rape of hundreds of civilians.
The UN said Lt Col Mayele of the Mai Mai Cheka rebel group was captured in a joint operation in North Kivu province.
Between 300 and 500 people are thought to have been raped during violence in eastern DR Congo in July and August.
As reported by SwissInfo.ch, http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/news/international/U.N._says_captures_rebel_who_led_Congo_rapes.html?cid=28479892, peacekeepers were criticized for failing to stop the attacks, some of which took place close to a UN base.
Opinion: The peacekeepers are clearly undermanned and appear to be doing the best they can under the current conditions.  The world needs to respond to this crisis with a more concerted effort.  How many more years are we to stand by and watch this tragedy continue to unfold.

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