Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birtukan Mideksa Ethiopian Opposition Leader Released

Birtukan Mideksa the highly popular Ethiopian opposition leader has been released from jail.  Her release comes four months after the government's landslide win in elections.
She was one of several opposition leaders imprisoned for life after the 2005 poll. They were later pardoned, but Ms Birtukan was rearrested for violating the terms of her release.
"I am very relieved," she told the BBC, at her home in the capital, where crowds had gathered to welcome her.
Ms Birtukan is a former judge and was one of the younger and more charismatic leaders of the coalition that did well against the ruling party in the 2005 elections.
Opinion: It is about time that this honorable woman has been released from prison.  Her courage while being unlawfully imprisoned should be an inspiration to those of us who don't have to deal with the adversity that she has had to confront.
Congratulations Ms. Mideksa on your release!

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