Monday, September 27, 2010

U.S. Disappointed By Israel's Decision Not To Extend The Ban On West Bank Settlement Building

U.S. envoy George Mitchell has been sent back to Middle East in an attempt to salvage the peace talks between  Israel and the Palestinians.

The BBC has reported,, that the ban on settlement building in the West Bank ended on Sunday at midnight.  As much of the world expected, settlement  building would be one of, if not the most difficult hurdles to handle in these peace talks.  As Israel has, in the past, been unwavering in their desire to continue building settlements this should come as no surprise.

Opinion: If these peace talks collapse, then Israel can pat themselves on the back for destroying another chance, if only a slim one, for peace in the region.  I'm not sure what their motivations are, but at this point is appears that nothing will come of these talks...once again.

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