Friday, September 24, 2010

Tonights Posting is Personal

I am feeling a little melancholy tonight as I write this.  I received a Facebook post from a friend I haven't spoken to in about 25 years and she was telling me that her son is serving the in U.S. Army in Afghanistan.  This touches a little close to home for me.

My son has enlisted in the Army and is leaving for basic training in November.  What really gets me is that of all of the jobs available to him he chose to enlist in the infantry.  Lets face it, the odds of him being sent to Afghanistan rises exponentially.  I have to say that I am sad, scared, and at the same time very proud of him.  I need to tell him this before he leaves, for his sake and mine.

I am very hard on him, probably harder than I should be, but I am worried that he doesn't recognize the seriousness of his decision.  I just want the best for him and for him to come home safe.

His mother is being exceptionally strong knowing that her only son is likely going overseas to fight in this war.  I know that she wants the best for him just as I do, but she finds it easier to be honest about her feelings with him.

I on the other hand, try to justify his decision by saying to myself that millions of other peoples sons, husbands, and fathers have done what he has done throughout the ages so why should he be any different than them.  Their sacrifice is his sacrifice and for that I am proud of him.

To all of the other Fathers and Mothers out there...God Bless your sons and daughters who are sacrificing their lives for our freedom.

I for one am thankful for each and every one of you.  As for the rest of the news this day, I will leave that until tomorrow as this is what is most important to me at the moment.

Good Night!

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