Monday, September 27, 2010

Sudan Arms Militia to Fight the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)

South Sudan is arming militia groupa know as the "Arrow Boys" with guns, communications, and training to defend civilians from the brutality of Joseph Kony's group, the Lords Resistance Army.

According to the New Vision Online,of Uganda:

Armed militia groups know as the "Arrow  Boys" currently defend civilians from the LRA using crude weapons such as machetes due to Sudanese government forces being stretched too thin.  Now these militia groups will have more advanced weapons to more effectively defend the civilian population until the regular army can arrive to take their place.

“The homeguard units will be trained and armed so that they can provide effective defence until the regular forces can intervene,” said Joseph Bakasoro, the governor of Western Equatoria state, speaking by telephone from Yambio, the state capital. 

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