Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pope Addresses Sex Abuse Scandal As He Starts Visit To Britain - CNN

As a non-Catholic, but a Christian, I have great respect for the Catholic church.  Unfortunately, their handling of sex abuse by Catholic priests has not been handled well at all.  The Vatican is dealing with this issue as if it was nothing but an inconvenience.

This article by CNN,, covers Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the U.K.

The Pope needs to realize that the acts of these priests are criminal.  Simply reassigning them to positions where they do not come into contact with children is not a solution, but a cover-up.  They are investigating these incidents and judging them based on religious laws that in these cases are not sufficient to punish these criminals.

There is no excuse for abusing children, regardless of their position.  In these cases, the priest has betrayed their followers sacred trust.

I can only hope that the Pope takes a stand and makes serious changes to the way these cases are handled.

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