Monday, September 13, 2010

Opening Statement

Hello All,

I have put together this blog in the hopes of providing news that the U.S. media tends to ignore, my views on the state of the world and things that are important to me, and individuals and events that make them "Tools" to the rest of us. The media in the United States tends to ignore what goes on in the world at large.

The disasterous floods in Pakistan tend to not be so extensively covered in the U.S. even though 20 million people or more are suffering. The earthquake in Haiti was covered heavily in the U.S. for a couple of weeks, but now we hear virtually nothing of the state or progress of the people of that impoverished country.

Although American's in general mean well, we tend to forget very easily. I am hoping that this blog will help to keep us, me included, focused on the issues of the world at large.

In addition to this, my interests are news in general. I am also very interested in religion and how it relates to both our past and current state of events.

I have extensively studied, religions as they exist or existed in our world. This includes everything from Jainism to Buddhism to Islam to Christianity, all of which have greatly influenced for better or worse the course of events throughout history. This obviously is not an exhaustive list.

In any event, I am hoping that I will post to this blog frequently, if not daily as I intend to. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated as this is what I intended this blog to elicit.

I hope that you enjoy, learn, and participate in this blog as I am hoping to learn from and contribute to the world, which I am but a minute part of.

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