Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Going On In America...Opinion

I am feeling a little  confused about the state of America.

What are we  doing a where are we going?  I don't think that these are too tough a question to ask.  I am not sure what America is doing.  We are letting the banks and investment banks run Wall Street.  We obviously did learn from the lessons of Lehman Brothers.

Since the recession has began, what have we done to try to prevent this from happening again?  The answer is NOTHING!

Although I voted for President Obama, I don't find that he has been strong enough to prevent this problem from arising in the future.  Maybe it is the Republican party from preventing any change, or maybe it is the inability of the Democratic party from being strong enough from prevent it from happening again, but none-the-less, nothing substantial has been done.

As Americans, what are we going to do?  Hope...and Change...hasn't been effective propaganda to put measures in place to protect the U.S from further economic disaster.  I don't think Republicans or Democrates are capable of fixing this mess that both parties have gotten us into, but ultimately I don't see that we have very many choices.  Obviously the 2 party system isn't working.  They both claim to be representing the best interests of the American people, but in the end they are only looking out for their own best interests.

I suppose that America is not that different that the rest of the world, but as this is the only world that I know first hand this is what I have to relate too.

What are you feeling in your country?  I am interested in knowing.

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